Clients of the Master-ASA’s speak . . .

“Good Evening Paul;
Thank you so much for being a part of this “complex”; transition.

I appreciate Mary for having referred this case to you; especially your role in reviewing and organizing the Bold’s financial status.

I truly believe this transition could not have taken place without your initial role as professional “senior advocate” with ultimate inclusion of your real estate profession. “One call does it all”; Paul assessed what needed to be done and bridged the gaps with referrals to “multidisciplinary” services; community partners as needed. Paul was certainly “business like”; honest and to the point. He asked questions that needed to be asked.

Paul’s “Senior Advocacy Service Role” allowed me time to provide a needed; more personal; supportive role with the B***’s; during this journey. I did not have to worry so much about the “business end” of same. I trusted it was being taken care of by the “expert”. Business is not my forte; caregiving is.

Bottom line; Paul assessed and “navigated” this family as to where they needed to be; with what they could afford.

Thank you Paul. Personally I feel it was worth investing in your expertise.

Cheryl G”

This family decided that the small investment in the extra services available from a Master-ASA was well worth the saving in time, aggravation, and stress that it saved them.”


Trudi brings a much needed sense of honesty and care to her profession

Oct 15, 2013 by Mike

“My wife and I had the wonderful fortune of having Trudi work as our agent on the purchase of our last two homes. Trudi is anything but typical. On top of being incredibly enjoyable to be around (which helps during such a stressful time) – Trudi brings a much needed sense of honesty and care to her profession. She is always looking to help you make the right decision for you and continuously makes you feel taken care of. I trust Trudi to no end and it has resulted in a wonderful home that I am now raising my family in.”


Re Jeffrey Kerr:

Now that I’ve moved my family into our new home, I would like to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping me find the property and helping me in getting the required modifications done to it to make it accessible. The service you provided me was truly unique and exceptional. With my busy schedule, both at home and the office, it was extremely difficult for me to have the time to personally visit all possible properties in a timely fashion as they came on the market and then to schedule repeat visits to determine if they could accommodate an elevator and have other required accessibility modifications completed. With the market conditions being as tight as they were, all the good properties were sold before I would have had a chance to visit them multiple times.  That’s before you stepped in and completed an ongoing intensive search and inspected properties on my behalf. You were able to visit the properties in a timely fashion. Once your initial inspections found possible properties meeting my defined requirements, you took the time and effort to get experts to help inspect the properties and give me opinions and estimates for the required modifications. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an accessible property. In fact, I would recommend you to anyone looking for an agent to help them find their new home.

Name withheld at client’s request


Thank you Norma and Jim Law for helping my Uncle sell his house. You took the time to explain the process each step of the way so that he understood what was happening.

Sue M., Waterloo


As a senior, I was struggling to maintain my home as well as work full time as a PSW.

I met Magda through another senior that she was working with. I was so impressed with her handling of the senior couple that I called her when I needed help. She came to my place and we developed a plan together of selling my home, decluttering my house and completing repairs that were necessary to sell my home. I did not have much money so Magda hired another lady to help her clean up the home. The house sold in less than a week. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Josephine Farady.


Jennifer Goodman


lt is very rare today to find an intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, hard working sales person with a heart. Trudi is that person

Sept 26, 2013 by Jim Taylor

“My brother and l have recently had to assist our aging mother with the sale of her home. We both live in Alberta which made the process very difficult. It made finding the right real estate professional with experience working with seniors and helping them sell their homes, critical.

Trudi Johnston was hired because of her experience and almost specialization in working with seniors. She proved to be far more than just a real estate agent looking to make a sale. Trudi understands the trauma involved for a senior when they have to sell their house and move to a facility. She took the time to explain, in terms our mother would understand, what would happen and how it would happen with the sale of the house. More important is Trudi recognized the need to sell the house not just at the right price but also in a short period of time, due to our mother’s health. lt is very rare today to find an intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, hard working sales person with a heart. Trudi is that person. l honestly thank Trudi for all she has done for us. She is far more than a real estate agent. l certaìnly am honoured to have worked with her and to have gotten to know this special person. Recommending her is my pleasure.”


Re: Adele Aston

When my husband and I decided it was time to retire, we needed to sell our home in Toronto.  In order to do this, we needed an agent and having had a few come to our house we could not find anyone who suited our needs and our price for what we thought was more than any of them had suggested.  It was upon reflection that I remembered a client from our office who had successfully sold her house through Adele for more than the asking price.  I was impressed by the fact that she had performed above and beyond the normal requirements for her calling in that she had also helped her aged client in finding her alternate accommodation and many other personal services as far as continuing to visit her in her nursing home after the sale had been finalized. I am also aware that she continues in these charitable endeavours.

Accordingly, we had no hesitation in listing our house with Adele.

From the very beginning, she anticipated exactly what our needs were and gave us some excellent advice on how to sell our home.  Much to our delight, she had it listed at a higher price than the other agents had recommended.  She also took great care to obtain housecleaning and preparation for showing the property at a very reasonable cost to us.  Not only that, but it took her less than a week to sell the property at a price well above what we had anticipated  with a closing of less than 30 days.

If anyone wishes to sell their property, we would highly recommend Adele.   She gave us peace of mind and kept us up to date at every turn.  Her ability to anticipate and follow through on our goals was truly amazing.

Mike and Susan Thompson


I am writing you all to share a fabulous Real Estate resource, Jeffrey Kerr.

We found his services to be exceptionally professional with a personal touch that included bottled water and snacks as we set out to search for our new home. He kept everything really organized, was always prepared, not to mention incredibly flexible with our busy work schedules. He helped us find a place that met all of our requirements in a tough mid-town market, which I had been warned could take months to achieve.

After only three weeks of listings, his experience helped us close on our dream home against the odds of multiple offers and the fact that we were about to get out-bid! He really is worth calling if you are looking for a new place to live, we couldn’t have been happier with his entire approach and delivery.


Christina and Steven Curtis


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