The Hub of it All

The slogan of the Master-ASA™ is “What you do once in a lifetime, we do every day!” When you think about it, what does that statement mean to you?

In the training that all ASA™ members must go through, we use a scenario as follows:

It’s 2 a.m., and your past client Sally is fast asleep when the phone rings. It’s her mum, telling her that dad’s suffered a stroke and has been rushed to the hospital. Sally races off to the hospital and learns that dad is now going to need a lot of care, more than mum can possibly give him at this point in life.

What is going on in Sally’s world at this moment? Like most people, Sally is way overbooked in her life. She works a lot of hours, races home to get things started for dinner, maybe fits in some household chores while dinner is cooking, and then she’s back out the door taking one or more kids to various activities. Hubby has the same sort of schedule – it’s just the way life is these days.

Enter the ‘Guilt Monster’. Sally, faced with all of her current responsibilities, plus the new need to help mum and dad get organized, has to make some choices. She has to let go of some of her family responsibilities with her kids, or she has to figure out a way to make it feasible to help mum and dad. The ‘Guilt Monster’ also pays a visit to mum: mum knows how busy Sally is, knows she is stretched to the limit already, but doesn’t know where else to turn.

The question we put forward in the classroom is ‘How can you help Sally?’ and ‘How can you help mum?’

This is the thrust of the training that a Master-ASA™ goes through. The Master-ASA™ is an agent who has built a proven network of exceptional specialists to help them help you in whatever way you need help. Sally, in this case, doesn’t have to go running around, trying to navigate her way through the system, getting to know what options there are out there for mum and dad. Sally can call on her local Master-ASA™ and rely on the fact that they’ve already done the groundwork for her.

And that’s just the beginning of how a Master-ASA™ is the hub of it all.

To find out more, reach out to your local Master-ASA™ and ask what they bring you as a hub of information.

Master-ASA’s™ Speak . . .

After watching my parents move to a retirement residence, then my mom going to a long-term care facility and my dad moving in with me, I felt frustrated, sad & overwhelmed. Since then, I have developed a process to support seniors & their families make this transition a happier, efficient & more fun time. I understand concerns & take the time to listen respect what they are going through. It may take years for the senior to be ready, and other times it may be only a several month process. It’s important to recognize there is no one solution for everyone.”

Trudi Johnston

“As a Master-ASA™, we provide a dedicated service for Senior’s and their families in transition. Working with our team of professionals catering to the senior clientele, we provide a ‘Plan of Action’ for your future, including Health, Wealth and Real Estate.”

Paul Cutajar

We have the information clients are looking for, whether it is creating a monthly income, assessing tax incentives from the government for disability retrofit, market value assessment of their property, knowledge of different housing options, referrals to our network of specialists in various areas such as wills and power of attorney, repair work or renovations etc. Our greatest asset is that we are the one person that they can come to to fulfill all their needs and wishes.”

Magda Zecevic

I smooth out a difficult process and try to make it as easy as possible. As a professional I have control, I know who to call when needed, from cleaners to tax consultants. I focus on the family’s needs, I understand the emotions involved and never lose sight that this an emotional period. I will work to achieve maximum price by providing maximum service. I am a professional.”

Barry Lebow

My wife and I were part of the “sandwich generation”. I was the “designated sibling”, being the one in Toronto. She was an only child with aging parents living in Montreal. Within 3 years, our kids went to 4 funerals. So I’ve “been there”. We’ve also watched and supported friends who followed similar (but never the same) paths. I have had to deal with CCAC, hospital staff, Long Term Care, home help for parents, lawyers, wills, probate, and then funeral arrangements.

You have to WANT to do it as a Master-ASA™.”

Wilf Mandel


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