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The Master-ASA designation came into being as a result of the input of the ASA Advisory Committee, the principals of the ASA program, a number of ASA Members, and even some of the professionals that some ASA’s connect with in their daily work.

In early 2013, a focus group was formed to look at the future of The Society of Accredited Senior Agents going forwards into its 6th year and beyond, the result being a number of decisions were reached, the inception of the Master-ASA program being one of those decisions.

All of the sources felt there needs to be some way of separating ASA’s, based on the level of training and experience they have had.

Please know that the ASA designation is not going away, nor is it being diminished in any way, due to the creation of the Master-ASA. In fact, we see this as an opportunity to indeed raise the public profile of all ASA’s.

Enter the Master Accredited Senior Agent.

The Master-ASA Designation

The M-ASA will be available to a limited number of ASA members, as determined on a geographic basis. There will be a number of qualifications for one to earn the M-ASA designation, and also to carry the M-ASA, all of which are spelled out in this document.

The M-ASA comes with a higher membership fee, tied into which are many more member benefits.

At the time of creation, the M-ASA carries a bi-annual membership commitment. Current fees are available upon request.

M-ASA Member Benefits

The following are the benefits of the M-ASA designation:

• All of the member benefits as provided to regular ASA members, and

• A $500.00 credit towards corporate advertising that is directly promoting only the M-ASA designees, and

• Master-ASA branded materials, including many unique solely to Master-ASA

• Free registration for the mandatory bi-annual Re-Certification M-ASA Continuing Education program

• Free registration for the mandatory education programs that are part of the first two-years membership of the M-ASA

• Free registration for the ASA Program, which must be taken every two years, in order that the M-ASA members are current on the teachings of the ASA program.

• Recognition on the front page of the public ASA site, and

• A searchable database for the public, identifying you as a Master-ASA, and

• Reduced referral fees, and

• A personal web page on the soon to be launched Master-ASA web site to promote yourself, and

• Recognition by a different logo from the ASA members.

• Future Benefits: While we cannot reveal the details of the membership benefits we are working on that will be exclusively available to the Master-ASA members, suffice it to say that the national-level things we are working on will have a significant impact in your visibility as a Master-ASA, and also a major impact in your business going forwards.

Geographic Availability

The following is an approximate geographic breakdown of the availability of the M-ASA designation:

• Mississauga – 6
• Cambridge – 1
• Kitchener-Waterloo – 2
• Woodstock – 1
• London – 4
• Chatham – 1
• Windsor – 2
• Sarnia – 1
• Owen Sound – 1
• Collingwood – 1
• Barrie – 2
• Orangeville – 1
• Guelph – 2
• Stratford – 1
• Brampton – 5
• Newmarket – 2
• Markham – 2
• Vaughan – 2
• Ajax-Pickering – 2
• Oshawa-Whitby – 2
• Cobourg – 2
• Brighton – 1
• Belleville – 2
• Kingston – 3
• Brockville – 1
• Cornwall
• Ottawa – 10
• Peterborough-Kawarthas – 4
• Gravenhurst-Bracebridge-Huntsville-Parry Sound – 2
• North Bay – 1
• Sudbury – 1
• Sault Ste. Marie – 1
• Toronto – 15
• Oakville-Burlington – 6
• Hamilton – 4
• St. Catharines – 2
• Niagara – 2
• Greater Vancouver – 3
• Vancouver Island – 3

As you will see, there are many areas that are not included in the list above. If your market area is not listed, and you wish to be a part of the M-ASA program, and you meet the criteria, please contact us. The decision as to your geographic location is based on where your brokerage office is located.

The total count of the above is 105 people, which we feel is a number that will work for both the M-ASA designees and The Society. The absolute cap on M-ASA membership will be 120, with the balance being reserved for people in communities not listed above.

M-ASA Eligibility Requirements

The following are the minimum qualifying standards for initial membership as an M-ASA:

• Current ASA membership
• Five years active real estate sales
• Proof of your Network of Exceptional Specialists
• Provide your brochures, free reports, etc. – digital version is fine
• Have completed the ASA program within previous 2 years
• Have completed the program ‘Mining The Gold In The Silver Market’ – to be offered as a live-online class on a regular basis
• Have completed the ‘Kick It Up’ program.
• Proof of 3 transactions with seniors in the 6 months immediately prior to application for membership
• Telephone interview with officer(s) of The Society

Completion of Mining the Gold & Kick It Up are required within your first 6 months of membership

In order to maintain the open, sharing atmosphere of the Master-ASA group, the final step is, at the discretion of the officers, an interview with 3 of the current Master-ASA members.

M-ASA Ongoing Membership

While one is a member M-ASA, there will be a governing agreement in place around protecting the ongoing brand reputation of the Master ASA program. One of the most important components of this is the requirement that you protect the good name and reputation of the M-ASA program. By applying to join the M-ASA, you are agreeing that should there be any ethical complaints filed against you at RECO, your situation will be reviewed by the Council of the Master Accredited Senior Agent, to review your continued membership in the program.

The Society of Accredited Senior Agents Code of Conduct

All members of the Society of Accredited Senior Agents (The Society), which includes designees of the ASA, Master-ASA, ASA – Mortgage Professional and ASA – Affiliate programs, are required to comply with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practises of their respective profession. Further to this requirement, every designee is required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

1. The member shall always govern themselves, professionally and in their personal life, in such a way as to only shed the highest light on The Society and it’s members;
2. The member shall act in such a way that there is no conflict of interest in member’s business dealings;
3. The member shall not hold themselves out to have expertise that they do not possess.
Should the member contravene any provisions of any Code or Standards to which they are held, in either their professional or personal life, and such contravention is brought to the notice of The Society, said member shall be interviewed by an officer of The Society and be subject to removal from The Society.

M-ASA Advertising Program

Membership dues for the M-ASA include a pre-payment for group advertising. The advertising that these funds are used for is at the discretion of The Society, however, The Society will not commit to any advertising program without first seeking the feedback of the M-ASA Focus Group.

Advertising undertaken using the funds that are part of the membership dues will be generic in nature, promoting the M-ASA designation. The companies we have spoken with have all agreed to provide special advertising rates for M-ASA members who wish to supplement the brand advertising.

Advertising undertaken on behalf of the M-ASA designation will reflect the diverse geographic locations of the M-ASA members, so that members in British Columbia will benefit along with members in Southern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Ottawa region, etc.

The final decision regarding the advertising vehicles to be used rests with The Society.

General ASA Membership

Going forwards from January, 2014, ALL ASA members will be required to take bi-annual updating course(s) as offered by SMART-ER, and relevant to the Senior market niche. These course(s) will likely be offered live in-class once or twice a year, and will also be offered live-online every couple of months. Again, the purpose of this ongoing education is to maintain a strong positive reputation for the ASA in the marketplace. Course(s) will be 3-hours.

If the M-ASA designation is something you wish to pursue, please contact us.

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