What is the Master-ASA™?

The Master-ASA™ is the PhD of real estate in Canada; it is the elite of Canadian REALTORS® who have chosen to specialize in helping Seniors and their families with late-in-life moves.

The Master-ASA™ is an off-shoot of the ASA™ Seniors Real Estate program, Canada’s largest real estate program, and the only Canadian program that trains REALTORS® in the differences in working with seniors. With some 3,700 graduates, the ASA™ has a significant presence in the professions that serve seniors, with graduates of the program including accountants, lawyers, financial planners, retirement residence managers, mortgage professionals, amongst others.

The Master-ASA™ designee is someone with extensive experience working with seniors and their families, through every stage of the moving decision process. To become a Master-ASA™ requires proof of this extensive experience, as well as completion of further educational programs, and a longer tenure in real estate. Master-ASA’s™ typically have very extensive networks with every field surrounding late-in-life moves. At the bottom of this page are short explanations by some of our Master-ASA’s™ of why they are so passionate about helping seniors and their families.

To find the Master-ASA™ designee in your area, please contact us. To receive a complimentary copy of the exclusive White Paper ‘Bridging the Gap – Why do I feel like we’re not communicating?’, a $19.95 value, simply click HERE, provide the information, and we will get right back to you.

Master-ASA™ Mission

The Master-ASA™ designee’s mission is to facilitate late in life moves in such a way as to ensure that senior adult clients and their families have access to professionals with a full appreciation for the unique circumstances occurring in transactions involving older adults & the competency to ensure their successful completion.

In a nutshell, every day, we do the things you will likely only have to do once in a lifetime; for a Master-ASA™, it is a familiar process. For you, it will likely be a confusing, stressful, intimidating process.

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