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What are the qualifications for membership in The Society of Accredited Senior Agents?

To obtain the Accredited Senior Agent designation, which gives membership in the Society, you must meet all of the following criteria:

1) Completion of the two courses as outlined below. At the end of the course, you will receive an email that contains a number of items, including two certificates for your CE credits – one for each day’s course. If your real estate board or brokerage handles your credits, simply copy each certificate and give them the copy. If you complete your own Registration Renewal form, simply enter the information from each certificate into the appropriate space on the renewal form.ASA or Accredited Senior Agent is NOT the name of any course that the Registrar REBBA 2002 (RECO) has approved. As stressed in class, each day is approved as a separate seminar. For the RECO Declaration of Continuing Education form, the following is the information you must provide:

The name of the Education Provider is The Real Estate Academy Inc.

Day One is approved by the Registrar REBBA 2002 (and listed on the RECO site) as: Your Future In The Underserved & Dynamic Mature/Seniors Market (5 CE Credits)

Day Two is approved by the Registrar REBBA 2002 (and listed on the RECO site) as: The Mature/Seniors Market – Tax Planning and Marketing (6 CE Credits)

You do NOT have to send the CE credit receipts in to RECO unless they contact you and specifically request them.- find upcoming courses by clicking on Events on the menu

2) Successful passing of the exam (75%) – see below

3) Payment of prescribed fees (class includes first year’s membership) – for more info, click here

4) Have a minimum of three years real estate experience (can be in various disciplines – contact us if in doubt).

5) Have no formal complaints at your provincial body, either current or pending, and not be an undischarged bankrupt.

To maintain membership in The Society of Accredited Senior Agents, and therefore, to hold ones’ self out as an ASA requires:
  1. Completion of a bi-annual ASA Update course, to be offered live-online
  2. Ongoing payment of Membership Fees
  3. Compliance with The Society’s Code of Conduct
I hate writing an exam (or am afraid to fail)
Answer: Our response, relax! The exam is not elaborate. It consists of 25 multi-choice questions from the course material. Before the exam, the instructor will provide a course review. There have been some failures but we mark the exams on the spot and can sit down with anyone who misses the mandatory 75% pass mark and review. Sometimes we have found that the student knows the correct answer and circled the wrong answer or they forgot to revise an answer. We do allow for make up tests. The entire examination process last about 15 minutes. There are no essays, just multiple choice.
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