This website is but one part of an organization that operates with the mission of Making Seniors Matter Again. We operate from the premise that the elderly in our society have somehow become devalued, and that is just plain wrong. It’s not a premise that sees this devaluation as something done with cognizant, malicious intent, but rather a societal sea change with many facets.


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The Academy For Seniors Real Estate, Inc. is proud to announce that The Accredited Senior Agent (ASA™)and the Master-ASA™ program have been acquired by Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc. Pivotal Aging Innovations INC. delivers comprehensive training, education and management systems for for those working with older adults and healthcare workers in eldercare. Specifically, Pivotal delivers the systems to meet MOHLTC mandated policy and procedures to the LTC and Retirement home sectors. Pivotal’s management systems provide these organizations with measurable results while meeting the Ministry’s yearly compliance requirements.

In addition, Pivotal holds the exclusive licensing and distribution (Ontario) of The Ashby Memory Method™ as developed by the Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute.

The Ashby Memory Method™ (AMM) is a comprehensive, evidence-based, 10 week program of interactive cognitive exercises and activities designed to work with patients suffering from cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and brain injuries.  The AMM program is based on identifying the interests, strengths and life story of the individual offering them improved quality of life.

 Since it’s inception in 2007, the ASA™ has strived to be the premiere provider of education and opportunities for REALTORS® working with seniors and their families.  The acquisition of the ASA™ by Pivotal signifies a giant leap forwards in not only the visibility of the ASA™ as an organization, but also in the opportunities the ASA™ can bring to it’s membership.

 For more information about Pivotal, please visit their web site at


As we age, we go through stages of life, each of which has it’s own developmental agenda. For seniors, their primary developmental agendas are to prevent loss and to determine their legacy. Preventing the loss of things like independence, control over healthcare and/or living arrangements, physical health and strength and consultative authority is a perfectly natural desire, given the lifetime of control they are coming through. Equally important is the need to determine their legacy; what did it mean that they were alive on this planet? Exploring both of these agendas requires one to slow down, take stock of current situations and focus on the past.

Boomers, especially the Leading-Edge Boomers born between ’46 & ’55, are following a completely different set of developmental agendas. Whilst their agendas will vary somewhat based on their age and family situation, it’s safe to say that Boomers are concerned with 3 major things:

  1. Accumulating as much wealth as possible to last them through their pending retirement, and
  2. Getting ready psychologically, physically, and financially, to take care of their aging parents, and/or
  3. Finishing raising their own kids – this could be either children still living at home and going to school, or older children.

Much is made in the press of the matter of being a caregiver to family, and Boomer women are now well aware that they are going to spend more years caring for their parents than they did raising their children. This weighs heavily on many people. Not because they do not want to help their parents, but rather because their lives are so busy already.

So, you have one generation, the Seniors, slowing down and fearful of the losses they know lie ahead of them, and you have the next generation racing through life, trying to get everything done. And there is bound to be inter-generational conflict. These conflicts present challenges for most people, but none more so than the person who does not know the reasoning behind things.

And so, the untrained professional encounters situations where they are not aware that the signs even exist, let alone what the signs might be. And if they figured out the signs, they probably wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to help people ‘fix’ things so everyone can communicate better and move along the path of their journey.

Investigate this site, request some of the information reports, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are here because this is our passion, our mission, and our very raison d’etre.


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