Downsizers Are Not Created Equal

Several years ago, Jane and I were working with two women that shared a home and who were getting ready to move into a two bedroom senior’s apartment from a two bedroom bungalow with a full basement. Their home was full of lots of furniture (large furniture) as well as many items that one collects over the years. Their new space was less than half the size that they currently had.

It became obvious to us and the ladies that a specialist in downsizing was needed. Jane and I had just started our path of working with seniors and their families and had not used a downsizer before. So, we received some referrals from fellow agents and decided to have three firms come into present to all of us at the bungalow. We were looking for information on what and how things would be done, timing, and pricing.

The interviewing took place over about a one month period. We all enjoyed the process and had quite a few laughs as we proceeded. Once we were finished, we discovered that they were all very different companies, with different personalities and different processes. And yes, the pricing varied quite a bit as well. Once again, as a group, we weighed out all the choices and decided on one. The choice was made by selecting the company that best suited the personality and style of the clients, Barb and Margaret.

The company did exactly what they promised to do. Friendships were made and the ladies were efficiently downsized into their new home.

As Jane and I moved forward with working with seniors and boomers, we joined different networking groups that specialize in servicing this demographic in one way or another. We have met and talked to many downsizers and have come to the realization that they are not all the same. In fact, they vary quite differently. The personality of the client, their needs, and affordability all need to be taken into consideration and then, and only then, can we pair that client with the appropriate downsizer.

Most agents have no contacts or maybe one for this purpose. As Master-ASA’s, we have numerous vented downsizers and can match the client with the best one for their needs.

Jane Mooy Master-ASA, ABR, SRES
Lynn Marie Robinson Master-ASA, ABR, SRES, CNE
Royal LePage R.E.S. Ltd. – Johnston & Daniel Division
Toronto Central
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