Mom’s Story . . .

Another in our series by the Master-ASA Members . . .

My Mom was 85 years old, my Dad had already passed away years earlier

Mom had hip replacement surgery so things got a little more complex

She had been in her home 30+ years

A lot Mennonites lived in the area with their horses and carriages and Mom loved that because she had grown up with horses

I thought she was quite happy there but the 5 of us used to worry about her driving every day to church, Women’s Institute meetings and to visit friends

One day we passed cute little white cottages with colourful green gingerbread trim, green was her favourite colour

I said, Mom, look, you could live there

She did not sound excited

But she said something that really made me think….

So I called my sister and suggested a family meeting

Our family got together

Mom and the 5 of us, 2 brothers from out west, my sister from Northern Ontario, one brother from Southern Ontario and me from Ottawa

We all sat around that big oak table, the one where we used to have family and friends over to celebrate family milestones, Christmas and Thanksgiving

And you know, from that big conversation, the truth came out

Mom told us she was sick of cooking,  tired of cleaning and she wanted to get on with an easier life – it was her decision not ours – we were open to hear her

She was afraid to tell us and we were afraid to ask

At that gathering, we assured her that all of us were in agreement that she sell

The big place was sold and mother’s new place overlooked the gardens where she could see the neighbour’s dog patrolling the yard, it felt like her dog, she felt at home – so happy

After she moved in there it took 3 weeks to book an appointment to see her because she was busy with her social life

It was rewarding to see her excited again, thriving – and her social life burst into bloom just like her favourite flower gardens

Stepping back I realized the difficulty was Mom thought her house was a mess, she was tired of cooking/cleaning and she was afraid to tell us Her Decision – there is emotion involved – we took steps to help Mom.  I know you will go through these steps and I can support you with that

That’s where I can help you explore options, work things out or mediate with the family

I hold hands with clients through the entire process.   I am personally there; I am with clients and family every step of the way

We build a team, especially for you, only for you, from my base of 25 highly skilled, honest, friendly service providers and – those selected services get you through.  So like my Mom you can use your energy the way you want to….we make it a little bit better and easy for you so you can be happier, just like Mom.

By Heather Rothman, Royal LePage Ottawa

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