In My Early Days . . .

In my early days of being an Accredited Senior Agent I was challenged with a newly Widowed senior.  Our relationship was slow as she had indicated she couldn’t remain in her 4 bedroom house alone but the recent passing of her husband was simply too fresh to make any decisions.

Meeting with her regularly allowed us to talk about certain issues and fears she was facing.  2 of them was the fact that her husband did everything – all the banking, all the insurance, car payments, cutting the grass opening and caring for the pool and more.  She was very stressed and saddened that he had passed and she was left to care for all of this, in addition she was getting pressure from her adult children.  She was left with a substantial insurance policy, but it simply did not replace her loss.

I explained that I could offer her ‘paid’ assistance to manage all the property maintenance and was happy to assist her in any meetings she would need regarding the estate.  Although she had adult children they all had concerns of their own and were proving un-helpful and more stressful.

We organized her accounts and arranged meetings with all those we would need to assist in her transition.  Then I explained to her that once she was ready she would know.  Her homework was to do a simple task of organizing.  One task per day or pass on the task if she had an off day.

Not forgetting her husband or the history she had raising her family, she began to clear things out and organize things that were important. What I didn’t realize is that this simple task had given her ‘something to do’.  Even though it was difficult, she was very receptive in knowing that it was going to improve her situation.

A short while later, we were able to sell her house to a young family with kids who would need the 4 bedrooms and enjoy the pool!  She moved to an ‘Adult community’ where she enjoyed her independence, her owned bungalow and new as well as old friends.

“I couldn’t have done it without you!” she shared.

She continued to enjoy her life for several years more until more recently she had become ill and had succumbed to cancer.  It was a pleasure to know I was able to assist her and bring some direction back to her life so that she could enjoy the rest of her time.

Paul Cutajar –

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