My 90-yr Olds’

Another story in our series on the experiences of the Master-ASA’s . . .

My 90 year olds!

Having been introduced to a couple in their early 90’s they were faced with the need to relocate to a retirement community for the reason of requiring additional care and they had no family whatsoever!

Upon our first meeting, they agreed to hire me to organize their lives, review their finances, determine POA for Finances and Personal care, connect with their bank and negotiate some of their bills. We were also able to negotiate a lower than normal monthy rental fee at a retirement community that was suitable for their requirements.

They were overwhelmed in knowing that someone would take the time and care to help them as they had no idea what they were going to do or how they were to do it.

Within about 2 months of preparing them, we were able to successfully transition them from their home (sold), set up an income strategy with the small amount of funds they had, and introduce them to their new neighbours at the Retirement Community.

It was so refreshing and an honour to be able to assist a couple that was in such need yet with nowhere to turn to for help. They were so appreciative they wanted to make me the POA! Our guidance allowed them to access a better choice.

Part of our strategic ability was to bring in certain professionals that they did not have access to. The husband was suffering from being visually compromised while the wife had mobility issues. This made it very difficult to manage errands and all that was required in the transition. We brought in 2 Lawyers. 1. To manage the POA and Wills and the 2nd came to the Retirement home to complete all the paperwork required for the sale of the property.

The pre-move and actual move was well executed as they enjoyed lunch and introductions at the Retirement home while the actual move took place.

We spent an additional 2 days making sure they were set up and comfortable in their surroundings and introduced them to all the staff and a few of their neighbours. The Husband clearly stated he had no idea how he would have done any of this if it were not for us! That’s what makes what we do so special.

Paul Cutajar –

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