The Master-ASA Business Development Workshop

MasterASA-001[5]March 24th & 25th saw a group of the Master-ASA members at the JW Marriott Resort at Lake Rosseau for a business development workshop.

The two days were chock-full of learning and sharing opportunities for all in attendance. Topics covered included a sharing of ideas on how to deliver best-in-class service to several market segments that include the end-user of our services, seniors and their families, as well as other organizations such as retirement residences, and the other professionals who are typically involved in a late-in-life move.

Further information was shared by representatives from St. Elizabeth and SolTerra. Kelly Brewster from Saint Elizabeth shared the variety of services their organization provides that can either be an add-on to, or occur after one has finished with, CCAC.

Shelley Raymond, the genius behind SolTerra Co-Housing shared the road her company has, and is, travelled on the journey of bringing co-housing into the public conscious as a truly valuable and viable housing option for seniors. We look forward to working with SolTerra in the future.

All in all, this was a valuable two days invested in not only business development, but perhaps more importantly, in learning how others are having success in achieving the Master-ASA’s stated goal of ‘Making Seniors Matter Again’.

In the picture above, starting with the back left, are Jim Law (Cambridge), Jennifer Goodman (The Beach), Adele Aston (Forest Hill), Dorothy Mazeau (Caledon area), Heather Rothman (Ottawa). Front from left are Chris Newell (Port Credit, CEO), Glenn Cunningham (Brampton), Michelle Hawco (Milton), Gina Burry (Toronto Downtown), Magda Zecevic (East Toronto), Norma Law (Cambridge), Trudi Johnston (East Toronto), Deirdre Slowey (Bloor West Village & Etobicoke), Judi Lloyd (Mississauga), and Jeff Kerr (Accessible Housing Expert, covering Southern Ontario).

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