Transition Squad

Transition Squad Senior Mover Managers Working with Master-ASA

Transition Squad is a project manager. We help clients downsize (typically seniors, their executors and empty nesters) and help find a good home for all of their household belongings. We specialize in helping with “what do I do with the home and everything in it?” We also conduct house auctions – visit our web site at the link below for more information.

Every transition has unique needs. Therefore, we have developed a complete menu of services and you can select the services that best meet your needs. We are experts in managing those needs and taking care of all the details.

For many families, a parent transition can be an overwhelming, emotionally draining and physically challenging ordeal. We take a compassionate and practical approach to this difficult process.
Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To take away the burden so you can focus on what matters
  2. To maximize the equity in your property and contents back to you or your estate
  3. To minimize the overall out-of-pocket cost of your transition, ideally leaving you in a positive cash position.

To achieve this mission we have created a program that provides a complete service so one call does it all. Also, unlike anyone else in the business, we have established our own consignment store to help maximize the price obtained for the more valuable items in your home.

All Transition Squad services are fully insured. We guarantee our services with the utmost of pride to make your life easier and ensure that your transition takes place smoothly and efficiently.

Transition Squad is registered with CCAC. Visit Transition Squad web site HERE.

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